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Tableau $75.00


Updated for Mezzanine 4!

Tableau is a Bootstrap 3 based Mezzanine theme.  Tableau's features include:


  • The home page is a custom Mezzanine page type so it is easy to add and edit
  • Animated header section
  • Editable content section
  • and more (check out the preview)


  • Custom designed account pages
  • Login/logout/account buttons in the menu bar


  • Optional featured video instead of featured image on blog posts
  • Custom design for the blog


  • Custom designed RichTextPages, Galleries and Forms
  • Back/frontend editable footer

Tableau was made using Bootstrap 3 and is compatiable with Mezzanine 4 and Django 1.8.3.  It includes Font Awesome 4 icons.




If using the downloaded project directly (rather than just the theme) remember to fill in/change the SECRET_KEY and NEVERCACHE_KEY setting in the settings.py file.

This theme has been tested to work in a fresh Mezzanine project but we cannot guarantee that it will work in every environment or integrate well with every project. Should you need paid support or assistance in installing the theme please don't hesitate to contact us.

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