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Rail $100.00


Updated for Mezzanine 4!

Rail is a minimal (as in design, not features) Mezzanine theme which uses a Bootstrap 3 based front end.  It's extensive use of whitespace draws attention to your content.  Rail styles the default Mezzanine content and also adds:

  • A home page page type allowing editing of the home page content through the backend
  • A FAQ page type, to answer the questions your customers have
  • Portfolio and portfolio item page types allowing you to easily manage and show your best work

Check it out with the preview button below!

Rail was developed using Bootstrap 3.0.0 and includes Font Awesome 4 icons




If using the downloaded project directly (rather than just the theme) remember to fill in/change the SECRET_KEY and NEVERCACHE_KEY setting in the settings.py file.

This theme has been tested to work in a fresh Mezzanine project but we cannot guarantee that it will work in every environment or integrate well with every project. Should you need paid support or assistance in installing the theme please don't hesitate to contact us.

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