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Adept $100.00


Updated for Mezzanine 4!

Adept is a highly configureable theme for Mezzanine with support for video blog posts and portfolio items.  It combines great design with a wealth of features and options to get you on your way to a great website.

Overall features

  • 16 color schemes, admin editable
  • Edit the alignment of the sidebar through the front or back end
  • Editable sidebar content (on pages that do not override it). Great for a Twitter feed or other social media widget
  • Built in help, toggleable by clicking "Theme help" in the upper left, check out the preview for an example
  • Edit the social media icons at the top via Site -> Settings
  • Editable footer headings, site description, and Flick ID.

Home Page

  • Standard or custom slides
  • Multiple icon box layouts
  • Select the gallery and portfolio to show on the home page
  • Editable section header text


  • Two blog lists layouts
  • Fetaured videos (in place of a featured photo)
  • Featured slideshows (in place of a featured photo or video)

FAQ Pages

  • Questions and answers that toggle open/closed with a click

Contact page

  • Include a map at the top
  • Two layouts for the map, full width, or content width


  • Select from a two three or four column layout
  • Filter based on categories

Portfolio Items

  • Select from three layouts:
    visuals on top
    visuals on right
    visuals on left
  • Include an embedded video, slideshow or both

Adept was developed with Mezzanine 4 and Bootstrap 3.0.0




If using the downloaded project directly (rather than just the theme) remember to fill in/change the SECRET_KEY and NEVERCACHE_KEY setting in the settings.py file.

This theme has been tested to work in a fresh Mezzanine project but we cannot guarantee that it will work in every environment or integrate well with every project. Should you need paid support or assistance in installing the theme please don't hesitate to contact us.

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