Tableau in all it's glory

  • Responsive
  • Backed by Mezzanine
  • Ready to be your theme

Achieve your goals

Tableau is a theme for Mezzanine, a great Django CMS.  If you aren't familiar with Mezzanine, check it out, you will not regret it!  Tableau is available for sale (along with many other Mezzanine themes) at MEZZaTHEME.  Tableau combines Mezzanine's intuitive and efficient backend with stunning visuals delivered by Bootstrap 3.

Tableau's features include:

  • Mezzanine 3 support
  • Bootstrap 3 support
  • Django 1.6 support
  • Beautiful blog stylings (and video blogging)

Also, we are obligated to say that the picture of the computer above was made using

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